The Rivendell Retreat


“Rivendell was perfect - whether you like food or sleep, or story-telling or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all.  Merely to be there was a cure for weariness, fear and sadness.”


Friends and Brothers,

As you may recall from Lord of the Rings, Rivendell was a sanctuary of peace, rest and holiness.  For the adventurers in Tolkien’s stories it was almost always experienced as a respite from fear and danger, hardship and struggle, but also a place of strengthening and encouragement for the toils of the Quest that still lay ahead. It is our intention that Spring Canyon in Buena Vista, Colorado will be our own personal Rivendell this coming weekend!

In preparation for our weekend retreat we want you to do one thing above all else: take a little extra time and set it aside to pray and talk to God about the weekend ahead.

Pray for an encounter with the Father. Pray for an encounter with Jesus. Pray for an experience of the indwelling Spirit.  Pray that you will be drawn deeper into the Unseen Realm.  Pray that your mind will be stilled and your heart will be opened for the weekend. Pray it for yourself and for your fellow Warriors – Kevin, Mark, Daniel, Jim, Christian, Jean Marc, Derrick and David.  Pray that we will be blessed with beautiful weather so that we can fully enjoy every aspect of being in the mountains.

Come with no specific expectations.  We want you to leave yourself open to whatever God wants to do with you.  There will be very little structure, and even that will be open to the moving of God.  Feel led to get up at 5:30AM for a pre dawn hike?  You’ll never regret it!  Want to sleep in until 10?  Maybe that’s what your body needs.  Want to walk out of our cabin and get lost in the surrounding wilderness for a day completely alone with your Creator?  That’s okay too.  Want to sit around the fire talking, reminiscing and dreaming about the future?  (That’s definitely going to be on OUR schedule).  Want the fellowship to lay their hands on you and invoke a tidal wave of God’s healing touch through soaking prayer?  Another opportunity you don’t want to pass up.  Want to spend hours sitting in a kayak and doing absolutely nothing?  You’ll probably run into me (David) somewhere out on the pond…    

This weekend is designed mostly to merely set the stage for you to have an amazing encounter with God.  In whatever way HE wants to do that for you.  We know that being immersed in the beauty of His creation will help this happen.

This weekend is not about teaching, thinking through concepts, or pursuing new knowledge.  It is about feeling and experiencing.  “Maybe we have overestimated figuring it all out and underestimated being captured in wonder.”  That’s it.  We all need to be captured in wonder this weekend.  Childlike wonder. 

How often do we just breathe deep, sit in silence and awe?  How often do we look at an intricate design of a tree or a wildflower and think, wow, God is truly amazing?

Silence, solitude, prayer, rest, laughter, deep conversation, beauty, wonder.

In pursuit of these things we encourage you to unplug as much as you possibly can.  Your emails can wait a few days.  So can texting and calling and seeing what the weather will be.  As you will recall, it wasn’t that long ago that we all got along just fine without phones in our pockets.  We have to be extremely intentional about creating an environment where we can hear God.  Most of our lives just contain too many other words and distractions.

Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend.  Praying passionately that we will all be forever changed.


                                                                                    All for His glory,                                                                                         


Tuesday’s welcome/preparation video thoughts:

Pre-retreat thoughts, Rivendell Retreat Spring '19