The Warrior Training Disciplines Chart

Several years ago we became aware that the ideal day for a person pursuing the life of a "mighty man of God"  was a far cry from the daily lives that we were living. We had a vision of what this would all mean in practical terms, but there was such a huge gap between that vision and how far we had travelled personally along that road...So little by little we began to quantify all the events, activities, and choices that we would make in what we would consider "the perfect day".  It was, from the beginning, a labor of desire.  The list we created was a list of all the things we deeply wanted, all the components of the noble and meaningful life we longed for.  Naturally there will be those who see only another form of legalism what we created. Granted, like any good thing, it can be misused and abused. But for us the Warrior Training Discipline Chart has been a source of encouragement, spiritual and physical health, and deeper intimacy as we challenge one another to keep after it even on the days that our flesh would rather seek a less arduous lifestyle.  And so we offer it to you, to be used, modified, corrected, or disregarded entirely as best suits your needs or the needs of your band of brothers. May it serve you well on your Journey.