Two Roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
— Robert Frost

Because every Kingdom needs warriors, and every Warrior needs a Fellowship.

Let's face it: the Life you want to live? You can't do it alone.  Not a chance.  And no, this isn't another religious program pushing the need for one more small group.  Believe us, we wouldn't be interested in that either. Erase that mental picture entirely,  and replace it with this instead:

You're deep in Enemy territory...

dispatched on a seemingly hopeless mission to undermine his dark kingdom and 'come through' for countless captive souls counting on you for their escape. The danger is intense, but that only serves to heighten the exhilaration. There is fire in your veins like never before, your eyes are open wide for the first time in your life, and you are coming to see that the wide world is populated with so much to cherish, so much joy.  Life and death hang in the balance, and yet there is still room for laughter, and for love.

A rumor spreads...

Word reaches your ears at last of another, and then another, who like you move behind Enemy lines with desperate missions of their own. The tales tell that these are good men and women: courageous, generous, bold, faithful - the kind of companions that could not only strengthen your mission, but provide you with the kind of companionship that makes the journey as joyous as the destination.

Now do you understand what we are talking about? It's not even so much about telling you that you can't do it alone, as it is to ask, "Why would you want to?"   Welcome to one of the basic core assumptions that makes the Warrior's Path unique:

The Fellowship is one of the best parts of the whole Story.

The Three Musketeers.   Arthur and his Knights.   Robin Hood and his Merry Men.   Frodo and the Fellowship.   Easy Company.   Jesus and His band of Twelve.

You know your heart aches to find out you are not alone in this quest, that someone else understands the inner workings of your soul - someone you can share the adventures of a lifetime with.  We know. We have felt the same longing too. And that is why we desire so passionately to call together from the corners of the globe those whose hearts burn with a similar fire. 

Will you hear the call? Will you join us in this Journey?

 Currently we are offering  two distinct weekend-long experiences: The Warrior's Training Weekend, and the Warrior's 'Rivendell' Retreat.   While the teaching and spirit of the Warrior's Path is universally applicable throughout the Church, we have found that the best venue for what we do  is a weekend away from the noise of the world - giving us the chance to let the outer world dim from view and the eyes of the heart to grow stronger.  Both of our current weekend experiences are designed to open a door in your life for lasting change by giving you the opportunity to connect intimately with God, with allies worthy of deep friendship, and with your own heart.


Not a young man in the "Warrior Stage" of life? We can tailor the event for groups that include women, teenagers, or adult men's groups. Just email us to begin making plans for your customized event!