How can we move forward in life unless we know in what direction our destiny lies?

"So, you are a man of vision?"

"Let us say that I am a man in SEARCH of a vision"

- The Mask of Zorro


wouldn't it be worth more

than all the treasures of the earth at this point

to find some definitive clarity from god about

who we are, and what he created us to do?


Find your destiny.


Unlike most

men's retreats, this event is tailor-made for young men ages 18-35 who are in the "Warrior Stage" of a man's journey.  Learning to frame the Christian life in the terms of the Mythic Reality that is the deepest truth of who we are and why we are here is one of the single-most life changing experiences that we can ever have. That's what the Vision Quest weekend is all about.


One of our driving passions is to help you discover that your thirst to embrace life and your sense of duty to your Christian upbringing are not incompatible, to reignite the belief in the adventure of life with god. 


The Vision Quest  is about: 



Developing an Epic worldview

Learning to walk with God

Discovering our Role in God's Kingdom

Understanding Spiritual Warfare

Basic Training for developing a Warrior's Heart



Because we desire to reach the spiritual Man through the physical Man, one of the things that really differentiates our retreats is the focus on actual warrior activities that can reach your heart like no sermon ever really can.  During our retreats you will experience training with swords and longbows, spending periods of solitude and silence in the wilderness, and having deep discussions with your brothers late into the night around the campfire. 

What you can expect on a Warrior's Path Vision Quest Weekend:

  • lots of time for hearing from god

  • lots of silence, solitude, and beauty

  • emphasis on the centrality of building life-long friendships

  • de-emphasis on lecture-style learning settings

  • epic, warrior-type activities

  • intimate setting; individual attention

  • opportunities for private prayer and counsel